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21 November 2023
JCZ: A Leading Company in the Laser Processing Industry and Future Development Prospects
The company Founded in 2004. JCZ is a high-tech enterprise focusing on laser processing and has been one of the leading companies in this field. It has been committed to the development of automation and intelligence of laser advanced manufacturing for a long time and has been insisting on laser processing. The company’s main business is the research and development as well as sales of the control system for laser processing equipment and it is able to provide comprehensive solutions and technical services for different laser processing scenarios. JCZ, after years of dedicated effort, currently boasts a comprehensive product portfolio, a profound technological reservoir, and an extensive research and development database. Simultaneously, it enjoys high-quality customer resources and holds a significant market share in the domestic laser processing CNC system sector. Its product range spans across various domains, including laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning, 3D printing, and more. The company has established a product layout encompassing laser processing control systems, integrated hardware systems, and laser power modulation equipment, all tightly interconnected and synergistic. This setup is suitable for laser processing applications across multiple power levels, addressing a relatively wide range of laser processing scenarios. With its strong technical advantages, the company can continually adjust its product structure and industrial direction to ensure the stability of its performance in response to the varying needs of different industries. The 3D printing control software version 2.0, developed by the team over several years, features multiple proprietary algorithms and has garnered high market recognition. In the realm of laser galvanometer and axis control hardware, specialized hardware solutions have been developed specifically for SLA/SLM applications. The 3D printing control system offers users a complete set of solution services, streamlining the equipment setup and usage process, reducing overall equipment costs, and significantly enhancing installation efficiency and stability. After the listing, JCZ will continue to make contributions to the development of laser processing . The company will increase investment in research and development in cutting-edge technology, including high-speed, high-precision and flexible laser processing software, hardware and equipments. Moreover, it will improve the performance of its current products and its technology by integrating core technologies. This undoubtedly will improve its competitiveness in domestic and international markets.