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19 June 2023
New Product丨Optizone Releases Integrated Components for Integration Trend in the Field of Ultrafast Laser
With the continuous improvement of the refinement of the global processing industry and the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, ultrafast laser processing will become the main processing tool in the field of micro-processing with its advantages of high processing precision and low thermal effect. Ultrafast lasers represented by picosecond laser and femtosecond laser have the characteristics of extremely high peak power, extremely short duration, narrow linewidth, optional repetition frequency, and high brightness output. It has wide application prospects in the fields of 3C industry (including computer, communication and consumer electronics), additive manufacturing, precision medicine, micro-nano processing, and ultrafast detection. Laser Focus World data estimates that the global ultrafast laser market will reach 16.6 billion yuan in 2022, and the ultrafast laser market will exceed 8.3 billion yuan in China, with a compound annual growth rate of 50% in the past three years. Ultrafast Laser Processing Difficulties In high power fiber lasers, due to the long fiber length (about tens of meters) and small mode field area (the fiber core diameter is about 0.1 mm), the optical power density in the fiber is extremely high. Taking a high power fiber laser with an output power of 20 kW on the market as an example, the power density in the output fiber is about 3×1012 W/cm2, which is about 1 billion times the brightness of the sun. At such a high energy density, it will cause nonlinear changes in the polarizability of the quartz material, resulting in various nonlinear optical effects. Similarly, how to reduce the nonlinear effect of the cavity in ultrafast lasers and achieve high-brightness fundamental mode output is one of the difficulties in the field of ultrafast lasers. Advantages of Optizone Integrated Components for Ultrafast Laser The Integrated Components independently developed and designed by Optizone integrates the passive components and the gain fiber by improving the manufacturing process and optimizing the system design, and properly optimizes the length of the fiber in the cavity, so as to shorten the cavity length , which is beneficial to nonlinear effect reduction. The principle is to integrate WDM+ISO+TAP or BPF+ISO+TAP through active optical fiber (doped optical fiber) and realize multifunctional integrated composite devices through the single steel tube packaging of the existing structure, thereby reducing the splicing between unnecessary components and discrete components, making the system more cost-effective, more compact in space, higher in reliability, and easier to operate. Such a design greatly optimizes the fiber length of the entire system, thereby reducing nonlinear effects in the cavity. It avoids pulse splitting and achieves higher energy pulse output, which is directly helpful to improve the performance of ultrafast laser. Based on 16 years of in-depth experience in optical passive Components, Optizone can quickly respond to market demand with its independent core technology advantages, and is committed to providing one-stop, integrated devices and modules for practical application scenarios.