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Micro Laser Systems, Inc.
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17 November 2023
Fused Silica Fiber Collimators
A family of Fiber Collimators with fused silica optics are excellent for use in the UV range and for high peak power lasers in the IR region. Our FC5, FC10 and FC20 fiber collimators are now available with fused silica optics. Focus is adjustable so you can get diffraction limited performance at any wavelength in the coating range. These collimators are typically used in quantum optics, communications, lidar remote sensing and metrology. The fiber collimators can be customized for use in space, radiation environments, accelerators, vacuum, high magnetic fields and other harsh environments. Larger fiber collimators can also have fused silica versions or other optical materials. Micro Laser Systems, Inc. Email your requirements to sales@microlaser.com or call us at 714-898-6001.