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Heidelberg Instruments Inc.
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17 January 2024
"The MPO 100 - A Cutting-Edge 3D Lithography and Microprinting Solution!
We are thrilled to discuss our groundbreaking product, the MPO 100! This Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP) Multi-User Tool is designed to revolutionize 3D lithography and microprinting in the realms of micro-optics, photonics, micromechanics, and biomedical engineering. Key Features of MPO 100: Modular 3D Printing Platform: The MPO 100 delivers high precision on demand for 3D lithography and a substantial print volume for 3D microprinting, facilitating the production of intricate functional microstructures with unparalleled throughput in a single process step. Femtosecond Laser System: Equipped with a powerful femtosecond laser system operating at 522 nm, the MPO 100 ensures efficient and high-speed processing of a wide range of commercially available polymer systems. Notably, it excels in handling ORMOCER®, a proven inorganic-organic hybrid polymer renowned for its exceptional optical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Material Innovation: The MPO 100 serves as an ideal tool for R&D endeavors, enabling the development of new material systems. Its 522 nm TPP wavelength enhances sensitivity, making it a versatile platform for the exploration and advancement of cutting-edge photoresists. This innovation represents a significant leap forward in 3D lithography and microprinting technology, offering our valued users unparalleled capabilities for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in microstructure fabrication. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities with the MPO 100 and witness firsthand the seamless integration of precision, speed, and material versatility in a single, user-friendly solution.”