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11 September 2023
Color Temperature Adjustment Filters Provide Warm or Cool Color Hues for Technical or Aesthetic Illumination
ZC&R Coatings for Optics (ZC&R) and Abrisa Industrial Glass, (AIG) both Abrisa Technologies Companies supply custom and cut to order Thermally Resistant BOROFLOAT® 33 Color Temperature Orange (CTO) and Color Temperature Blue (CTB) adjustment filters in sizes from as small as 5mm up to 27 in. (685mm) diameter. According to Lisa M. Tsufura, Product Manager for ZC&R, “These color temperature adjustment filters are used in a wide variety of lighting applications including architectural and cinematic lighting, analytical test equipment and solar simulators, surgical room lighting, medical imaging, security spotlight illumination and more. They are used to selectively transmit some specific spectral portions of the light so as to adjust or change the color appearance of the light for aesthetic or technical reasons.” Lisa further explains, “The lower color temperatures are associated with “warmer” color or more orange/red hues while higher color temperatures with “cooler” color or more bluish hues.” The CTO and CTB color temperature adjustment filters are used to give lighting a warmer or cooler color hue as well as change one light source’s output to look like another by converting LED or Tungsten light output, so it looks like natural sunlight. Or the filters can be used to manage color temperature distribution of LEDs with a selection of adjustment filters to deliver a more consistent color temperature output without yield fall out and the need for LED “binning”. Abrisa Technologies’ CTB Filters adjust output from a tungsten halogen light source at 3200K to bluer color temperatures. As an example, a Full CTB filter converts 3200k tungsten halogen output to 5500K to appear like bright midday sunlight. Abrisa Technologies can provide CTB filters in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and Full ranges dependent upon the color temperature shift required. Abrisa Technologies’ CTO Filters adjust color temperature from 5500k or midday sunlight to a warmer color temperature with more orange, amber content. A Full CTO filter would make midday bright blue/white sunlight appear warmer like 2900K incandescent lighting or late afternoon or early am sunlight. Abrisa Technologies can provide CTO filters in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and Full ranges dependent upon the color temperature shift required. In addition to CTO and CTB color adjustment filters, Abrisa Technologies also supplies plus/minus green, RGB, CYMK color filters, dichroics, mired shift coatings, and diffusive and patterned glass all of which are useful for color imaging applications needing specific color content, adjustment of color temperature, color correction or more diffuse illumination patterns.
11 September 2023
ZC&R Coatings for Optics Supplies Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Dual Mode, NVG Compatible Coated Glass Filters for Lighting & Displays
ZC&R Coatings for Optics (ZC&R) a division of Abrisa Technologies has over 20 years of volume manufacturing experience for the design and supply of high-performance thin film coating solutions for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible lighting and display applications for the military and avionics industry. Lisa Tsufura, Product Manager for ZC&R explains, “Collaborating with customers, ZC&R tailors coating solutions to meet the performance defined by MIL-STD-3009 when mated to their light emitter and display. The ZC&R thin film engineering team defines the coating specification needed for the integrated assembly to meet the NVG compatibility limits on red and near infrared (NIR)radiance limits, cut-off, and slope requirements with industry leading throughput and performance. Once validation is complete, production is launched with a COPY EXACT process for a repeatable and consistent result, and ZC&R will support new designs as customers’ technology roadmap evolves.” ZC&R’s Coated Glass Filters for NVIS and NVG applications meet the durability and environmental requirements of MIL-C-48497A, while also meeting MIL-SPEC severe abrasion and fast pull adhesion requirements. Filters are tested in-house for transmittance as well as specular and diffuse reflection and can be manufactured using ultra-thin, ultra-light HIE™ aluminosilicates, Corning® Eagle XG® 0.1 to 1.1 mm thick glass, as well as industry standard and chemically strengthened soda lime float glass. Sizes range from mm’s to 19” x 19” square. Lisa further explains, “NVIS allows authorized personnel to view instrumentation displays for monitoring navigation controls and communication in total darkness while preventing detection by unwanted and unfriendly parties. The NVIS systems can get oversaturated by too much radiance in the deep red/NIR leading to blooming. Our NVG compatible filters and display enhancement glass suppresses unwanted emissions and maintains the contrast needed for optimal viewing performance”. Available in NVIS Red, NVIS Green A&B, NVIS White/Full Color, and NVIS Yellow, ZC&R thin film coated filters are designed to meet MIL-STD-3009 standard when mated to newer, brighter LED sources and updated LCD and OLED displays with their higher throughput efficiency and different spectral radiance characteristics compared to those of older system designs. Lastly, Lisa states, “To ensure that MIL-STD-3009 is met, partnering with ZC&R to develop filters with detailed chromaticity, spectral performance, cut-off wavelengths, and limits to NIR radiance when mated to updated technology lighting and market available displays is the ideal solution for these critical systems.”
11 September 2023
Protect Eyes from UV Radiation with Safe Viewing UV Blocking Windows from Abrisa Technologies
Abrisa Industrial Glass, (AIG) a business unit of Abrisa Technologies provides coated heat resistant SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® (UV) Blocking Filter Glass. This non-heat absorbing glass has excellent optical characteristics including heat stability for consistent color balance and performance as well as rugged durability. The glasses characteristics make it ideal for use as a “safe viewing” UV Blocking optical window for UV curing systems, optical imaging systems, instrumentation, and as a UV filter in front of a lighting system, protecting viewers eyes from damaging UV radiation emittance. Protecting eyes from strong UV light reduces the risk of cataracts, retinal damage, and the possibility of eye cancer. By utilizing Abrisa Technologies UV blocking glass, 99% of the harmful UV radiation below 400nm is mitigated, while transmitting high-quality light exceeding 85% with virtually no color or viewing distortion due to the sharp filter cutoff, rendering an index of 95 in the visible light region. Photopic vision efficiency “human eye response” also exceeds 85%. According to Susan Hirst, General Manager for AIG, “Advantages of our SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® UV Blocking Glass include the reduction of photochemical degradation, enabling the use of a broader range of light sources, allowing increased light levels without risk of eye damage, and preventing filter damaging heat build-up.” She further states, “One of the significant benefits of using our UV blocking glass/filter is that it has a much longer life than plastics or gels which can degrade over time. The thin film dielectric coating is deposited on 1-side of color neutral SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® glass and is extremely durable with abrasion and crack resistance.” Available in sheet sizes of 10” x 30” (254 mm x 762 mm) and a thickness of 3.3mm, our UV Blocking Glass can have a host of value-added services applied for a Total Solution approach meeting a wide variety of application specific requirements. These services include AR coating and custom fabrication such as cutting, machining, edging, laser marking, screen printing, CNC processing, drilling, grinding and more.
11 September 2023
Abrisa Technologies Offers Samples & Prototyping of Fabricated & Optically Coated Glass for Testing & Evaluation
Abrisa Technologies is a customer centric company dedicated to providing a Total Solutions approach for custom fabricated glass and thin film optical coatings. The two business units Abrisa Industrial Glass (AIG) and ZC&R Coatings for Optics (ZC&R) provide a unique suite of vertically integrated products and services to meet each customer’s application specific requirements. Abrisa Technologies helps customers quickly ramp to meet time-to-market demand by collaborating with them from concept through production including the expeditious supply of samples and prototypes that may be required. The company’s knowledge of glass substrates and expertise in glass properties including thermal, optical, chemical, electrical, and mechanical as well as its optical coating design and expertise in volume PVD coating services makes Abrisa Technologies uniquely qualified to supply high quality coated and uncoated glass solutions with optimum performance, best suited to the application while meeting technical, volume production, and budgetary requirements. Susan Hirst, General Manager for AIG comments, “We have the largest US based inventory of standard and technology flat glass materials for immediate release and shipment in sample sizes for readily supporting testing and evaluation activities as well as quick ramp to volume. Additionally, our team can supply cut-to-size and shape of more specialized glass and select coated glass materials with a 1-week turnaround, as well as machined to size programs in place with expedited sampling. Susan further states, “Abrisa Technologies can perform First Article Inspection (FAI) to verify that the prototype parts conform to the manufacturing specifications detailed in customer supplied technical and engineering drawings from a simple balloon drawing, DXF, DWG, STEP, AI, 3D Model, PDF, AS9100, or PPAP file format.” Lisa M. Tsufura, Product Manager for ZC&R states, “ZC&R offers its extensive coating design expertise, application knowledge, engineering, and program management services to support our customers’ needs for fast turn design, prototyping, and ramp to production. We specialize in designs for hard to achieve coatings with concurrent performance parameters as: optical, conductive, thickness, chemical, protective or compatibility, and tough environment use.” Lisa further adds, “Our customers appreciate that ZC&R employs the use of the intended production processes and coating chambers even at early-stage development as it means that prototypes can truly be trusted as good indicators of the production outcome to be expected. ZC&R also offers Copy Exact for medical, semiconductor, avionics, and other markets when process block, verification and special agency certification is critical.” The Abrisa Technologies team can assist customers with solution engineering and design, certification, and testing, as well as inventory management services and program management of complex designs or programs. When partnering with our customers, the goal is to supply samples and prototypes that allow us to customize optical components that will not only meet application specific criteria but be best in fitness-for-use and volume manufacturability.
23 January 2024
Abrisa Technologies Unveils New Capabilities for Ultra-thin Glass, Laser Cutting and Coatings for NVIS, ITO Heaters, Imaging, Sensing, and the IR
Abrisa Technologies, a leading US based company and a member of HEF Photonics unveils its new capabilities for ultra-thin glass processing, coatings for NVIS, ITO Heaters, Imaging, Sensing and the IR, and Services for Laser Cutting and Marking in its just released 16-page Capabilities Brochure. Abrisa Technologies continues to enhance its Total Solution capabilities for technology glass and optical coatings supporting evolving technology roadmaps and customer application-specific requirements with fitness-for-use performance and volume manufacturing. Abrisa Technologies partners with customers from concept through production. According to Lisa Tsufura, Product Manager for Abrisa Technologies, “Our technical and volume manufacturing expertise in both coatings and technology glass, a broad range of optics capabilities, vertical integration, and single point accountability enables us to provide our customers with supply chain simplicity, convenience, reduced cost of ownership, and innovative photonic solutions.” Serving the Micro-Opto Electronics, Imaging and Sensing, Industrial Automation, Defense/Avionics, Semiconductor, Medical, Dental, Analytical Instrument, and Display markets, Abrisa Technologies offers expertise as well as a suite of capabilities in optical thin film coating, technology glass, and fabrication needs within each of these evolving markets. Detailed within the brochure is an overview of the company’s vast product and service capabilities: Specialty & Technical Glass – High Ion-Exchange (HIE™) Aluminosilicates, Soda Lime Float, Borosilicate Based Glass, Quartz/Fused Silica, Filter Glass, etc. Custom Glass Fabrication – Cutting, Machining, Edge Finishing and Special Options Glass Strengthening – Chemical, HIE™ Thin Aluminosilicate Strengthening, and Heat Tempering Precision Thin Film Coatings – Anti-Reflective (AR) & Sunlight Readable, Beam Splitter & Partial Transmitter, Bio/Chemical Compatible & Protective, Defense & IR Control, Mirror, Metallic & Bus Bar, Transparent Conductive (ITO/IMITO), UV, Solar & Heat Management, Wavelength Selective & Color Transparent Conductive Coatings (ITO/IMITO) – ITO/IMITO Heaters for Imaging, ITO/IMITO EMI Shielded Display Glass, ITO/IMITO for Transparent Electrodes/LCoS Coatings for Defense & IR Spectrum – NVIS/NVG Compatible Display Filters, Coatings for Infrared (IR) Spectrum Coatings for Imaging, Sensing & Scanning – Broadband Wide Angle Anti-Reflection, Narrow & Laser Line Anti-Reflection, Specialty Mirror Coatings (Autoclavable), Filter Solutions Robust Screen-Printed Graphics – Standard Screen-Printed Optics, Extra-Large 84” Format HI-OD™, Dead Front “Hidden Icon” Printing Ready-to-Install Value-Added-Services – Laser Marking, Oleo/Hydro Solutions, Optical & Safety Films, Mounting Tapes, Gaskets & Assembly Services for Customer Furnished Materials – Coating Design & Deposition, Fabrication, Features & Marking, Damage Resistance & Safety Solutions, etc.
23 January 2024
Transparent Conductive Heaters with ITO, IMITO & IMO Coatings Are Ideal for Anti-Fogging or De-icing Window & Display Glass Solutions
Abrisa Technologies’ ZC&R for Coatings for Optics (ZC&R) division provides transparent conductive heaters that incorporate coatings of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Index-Matched Indium Tin Oxide (IMITO) or Indium Molybdenum Oxide (IMO) making them ideal window and display glass solutions when anti-fogging or de-icing and high throughput and clarity are needed to maintain unobscured viewing and optical sensing in cold climates. According to Lisa Tsufura, Product Manager for ZC&R “The coatings deliver the high uniformity and low scatter performance needed to preserve high resolution digital imaging, sensing, or display outputs while maintaining high throughput efficiency and clarity. Our solutions incorporate key heating attributes that can be tailored for specific needs, including design considerations for anti-reflective properties for visible, NIR, SWIR, and IR, optimization to air or index matched for bonding, and delivery of color neutral performance in transmission, reflection, or both.” Lisa further explains, “Our ITO, IMITO, and IMO heater solutions are perfect for outdoor security surveillance, traffic monitoring, aircraft flap monitoring, digital CMOS imaging applications, avionics cockpit displays, outdoor displays, robotic and 3D sensing machine vision in refrigerated environments, military vehicle turret viewing, and optically transparent incubator sample surfaces for live cell microscopy imaging.” There are two types of ITO/IMITO constructs available: accessible or buried. Accessible: The ITO/IMITO is has the ITO on the top layer of the coating stack and is readily available for connectivity contact via conductive gaskets or bus bar application. Buried: The ITO layer is buried under or between dielectric layers. This process is the choice when a higher abrasion resistance is needed for environmental durability, or design flexibility to achieve enhanced transmission and anti-reflection properties. This option requires masking or etching to access the ITO layer for connectivity. These ready-to-install heater solutions can be fabricated from a broad selection of technical glass such as SCHOTT BOROFLOAT®, SCHOTT D 263®, Low iron soda lime, Corning® Glass, SCHOTT AS 87 and more. Our transparent conductive heater glass can be HIE™ chemically strengthened or heat tempered for improved damage resistance, and can be enhanced with AR coatings, bus bars for electrical connectivity, wire bonding or soldering of connectors, screen printed ceramic frit or epoxy ink graphics, laser marking, and application of custom laser cut gaskets. Coated sizes are available from 5.0mm to 27” in diameter and bus bars can be provided as silver epoxy, silver frit, or CrNiAu in “L”, “U” and surface.