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Hyperion Optics USA Inc.
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23 January 2024
Hyperion's Precision Lens Assembly and Metrology Center Opens in March 2024
Dear Photonics Community, We are delighted to announce the grand opening of Hyperion’s new facility at the heart of Nanjing, China, in March 2024. This new site marks a significant milestone in our journey towards optical innovation and quality excellence. The facility spans over 6500 sqft and is located in close proximity to our current lens manufacturing site and R&D lab. Designed specifically for precision assembly, the space is equipped with cutting-edge metrology to ensure the highest quality standards at every step of lens production. Some of the key features of the facility include: • ISO-Certified Clean Room o ISO Class 7 and Class 6 clean rooms o ISO Class 5 flow benches • Enhanced Metrology o Image Science MTF test bench o Active Alignment + Air Gap Testing with mode for Dual Optical Paths o Trioptics OptiCentric® o Dual-optical path 1000mm test bench This expansion improves our production and inspection capabilities, enabling us to comply with stricter IQC and OQC standards. It also reflects our commitment to delivering high-precision systems that surpass the required quality standards. We are grateful for our dedicated team, our esteemed customers, and our partners. We look forward to continuing to build quality lenses, overcoming design challenges, and bringing innovation to the photonics industry. Your support has been pivotal to our growth, and we warmly invite you to visit us for a tour! Best regards, Derek Jia Cofounder and Chief Sales Engineer, Hyperion Optics About Hyperion: Hyperion Optics is a premium supplier of precision photonics products, including optical components, lens systems, and optomechanical assemblies from UV, VIS, and IR applications. Specializing in DFM/ DFA (Design for Manufacturing/ Assembly) and rapid prototyping, Hyperion has amassed a diverse portfolio of lens design and optimization projects spanning a wide spectrum of applications.