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Lightel Technologies, Inc.
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01 December 2023
New Products
Fiber Optic Components for Space Applications For over 20 years, Lightel has developed/manufactured fiber optic components for fiber communication, high power fiber lasers, such as DWDM filter devices, isolators, couplers, pump & signal combiners, CPS, MFA, FBG, QBH, etc. Based upon our knowledge gained from this work, we have recently developed some of these into packages suitable for use in space. Please contact us at for more information. (6+1) x1 Side Pump Combiner (6+1) x1 side pump combiner is suitable for KW-class laser and optical amplifier. It is perfect for bi-directional single-cavity & single-mode design. It has high pump power coupling efficiency and low IL due to seamless signal fiber core and maintaining beam quality M2 or BPP. It has better back reflection resistance, high isolation between pump-to-pump and laser-to-pump, etc. It is ideal for intra-cavity pumping scheme. 2 in 1 Devices for High Power Fiber Lasers In addition to high power capacity and environmental resistance, components for fiber lasers need to be designed to fit into existing packages and better beam quality. In order to eliminate the splice and to save space, we have succeeded in combining 2 or more functions into single packaged devices, such as Combiner + FBG or Combiner + MFA. Please contact us at for more information. Spliceless Integrated Components for High Power Lasers Lightel has years of experience in making high power fiber components. Due to our high confidence in manufacturing (and high success rate), we are able to save space in fiber laser assemblies, eliminating splices by fabricating components one after another on the same fiber. This results in better beam quality, saves space, IL & time, as well as making a more ruggedized device. The examples are FBG + Combiner + CPS, FBG + CPS. Please contact us at for more information. 1064nm 500W High Power Polarization Insensitive Fiber Inline Isolator Lightel has developed a high power, polarization insensitive, fiber inline isolator for high power fiber lasers. A water-cooled package helps to resist up to 500 W power. Please contact us at for more information. 1064nm Fiber to Free Space 1000W Isolator In order to protect high power fiber lasers, a high power isolator is needed. To serve our fiber laser customers, Lightel recently has developed a 1000W fiber-to-free-space isolator. A water-cooled package helps to resist up to 1000 W power. Please contact us at for more information.