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Labsphere, Inc.
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22 January 2024
Labsphere launches new line of Laser Power Measurement Spheres and Sensors
Stop by booth 1466 for a demo. In various applications such as VCSEL-based LIDAR and facial recognition systems, the necessity arises to simultaneously assess multiple attributes of a laser beam, encompassing power, spectrum, and temporal pulse shape. Coping with the challenge of capturing and accurately measuring these collimated to divergent, continuous, and pulsed sources, can be highly intricate. Labsphere’s assortment of multifunctional laser power integrating spheres and sensors offers an effective solution to surmount these difficulties. Our laser power measurement spheres and sphere sensors provide options for sphere size and coating which are dictated by the test laser power levels, the sphere optical detectors which is dictated by the test laser wavelength, and spectral responsivity calibration of the range of the optical detectors. Value: • Ensure comprehensive power collection from a laser, regardless of divergent angle or polarization • Efficiently attenuate high power to avert sensor saturation • Incorporate the second detector port for spectral monitoring or expanded wavelength coverage • Mitigate errors linked to the non-uniform response of sensor active areas in their bare state Applications: • CW and Pulse measurements of Laser Products • Lab and Production Testing • Lens Alignment • Laser Power Quality Assessment LPMS Capabilities with Picoammeters and Laser Power Software: • Average Radiant Power at nth wavelength (CW) • Average Peak Radiant Power at nth wavelength (pulsed) • Detector Sampling Rate (Hz) • Detector Scan Interval (sec) • Laser Power Density: the instantaneous laser beam power per unit area. W/cm2 with option to beam area in cm2 Require input of beam area • Max Power (CW) • Min Power (CW) • Peak Radiant Power (Pulsed) • Pulse width or interval of duration of a pulse • Radiant Power Range (CW) • Radiant Power (W) • Repetition Rate/Frequency (Pulsed) • Standard Deviation (CW) • Total Pulses • Wavelength (chosen by customer based on laser output and data table from calibration