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30 November 2023
Innovative Strategies in the Advanced Optical Lens Industry
Established in Taiwan for over a decade, Sun Yang Optics, situated in Taoyuan, specializes in the professional design and manufacturing of high-end optical glass lens products. These lenses find extensive applications in industries such as industrial vision inspection, PCB/semiconductor, automotive, medical, and customized high-end optical glass lenses for various cutting-edge technological sectors. Sun Yang Optics boasts a design team with rich professional knowledge and decades of experience, demonstrating outstanding performance in various engineering stages. Particularly noteworthy is the custom-designed assembly of AOI lenses, offering high resolution, excellent imaging, and stable performance. Notably, the industrial lens with a 2x magnification ratio not only allows rapid positioning of the inspection area but also enhances the magnification of object features, ensuring more accurate interpretation of results. In 2023, the successful development of the double magnification ratio industrial lens set represents the latest flagship product after the lens for maskless exposure machines. This lens set combines optical lenses with different magnification ratios of 1.5x and 18x, meeting the latest industry demands and significantly reducing the time and cost required for clients to change lenses. The compact and streamlined design of this lens set also minimizes the space required for inspection equipment. Its superior optical quality ensures clients receive higher efficiency and precision in detection and monitoring, presenting Taiwan's optical prowess in a tangible and perfect manner. Sun Yang Optics' maskless exposure machine lens, applicable to PCB and packaging processes, achieves a resolution of 5um or below. Its digital real-time exposure pattern changes eliminate the considerable cost associated with masks, accelerating product development, shortening timelines, increasing profitability, and garnering client attention. Furthermore, Sun Yang Optics continues to excel in applications such as projection lenses, security lenses, automotive lenses, aerospace lenses, medical, and dental microscopes, providing clients with outstanding performance and high-end optical lens products. Dedicated to meeting customer needs, Sun Yang Optics actively invests in professional manpower, provides optimized optical and mechanical integrated designs, and combines practical experience in thermal analysis, shadow analysis, yield and tolerance analysis to address complex optical requirements. Under the leadership of Chairman Wu Sheng-Che, Sun Yang Optics has received numerous accolades, including the National Brand Yushan Award, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Research Award, the Golden Peak Award, the Taoyuan Local Industry Innovation Award, and the National Brand Yushan Award for Outstanding Leadership. These awards underscore Sun Yang Optics' technological and innovative strength and symbolize the business team's commitment to sustainable development, bringing a fresh perspective to the optical industry. The professional team at Sun Yang Optics will showcase its innovative technology and solutions in high-end optical lenses at the SPIE Exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit Sun Yang Optics' booth 4013 to learn more about our product offerings.