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19 November 2023
Precision Glass Molding for Lenses
VITRUM’s product line “Isothermal Precision Glass Molding Machine” for upscaled production was specially designed for the mass production of high-precision lenses. The cycle times are reduced to only a few minutes per forming tool. Continuous production with consistent quality is supported by Vitrum's smart HMI tools using various machine learning-based features and a highly precise temperature control. Suitable applications are high precision aspheres and freeform lenses. A wide range of glass types such as low-Tg, borosilicate or various IR glasses can be formed on this machine.
19 November 2023
Game Changer for production of exceedingly large mirror substrates
The VITRUM Product Line “Isothermal Thin Glass Forming Machine” has been developed for the high precision forming of exceedingly large thin glass components. The process applies isothermal forming to shape large mirror substrates from flat glass. This machine produces extremely stable geometrical and temporal temperature profiles. Due to the integration of sensorics for the process visualization the highest shape accuracies are achieved. Suitable applications are highly accurate formed glass components for space telescope mirror substrates, adaptive mirror substrates, mirror substrates for quantum communication. The machine can be configurated for different product quantity scenarios.
19 November 2023
Machine Learning Tools for Process Development
Glass is a material with extreme non-linear characteristics which makes process development difficult to predict. Hence, a multitude of process iterations are needed to identify suitable parameters by empirical methods. Slight modifications in shape or material may require completely new process parameters. In response to these challenges VITRUM developed Machine Learning Tools that integrate the feedback of quality characteristics with machine parameter settings and include disturbance variables. Thus, we offer the following features: • Training of the process model during test production in the prototyping phase • The Machine Learning Tools which suggest parameters to the operator • Deployment of trained models to the customer’s equipment VITRUM’s HMI’s offer the following advantages: - Graphic interface for ease of operation - Each machine feature (actor) can be programmed independently
19 November 2023
Extremely fast forming process for HUD mirror substrates
The Vitrum Product Line “Non-isothermal Thin Glass Forming Machine” was specifically developed for the exceptionally fast forming of thin glass with a thickness range 80 µm to several millimeters. This machine equipment is suitable, among others, for large HUD (head up display) mirror substrates with highest shape accuracy requirements. The cycle times are reduced to only a few minutes per forming tool, therefore reducing the energy consumption by up to 80% compared to conventional processes. The benefits are extremely cost-effective manufacturing processes for Vitrum's customers. The equipment can be easily configured for different shapes and quantities.