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16 January 2024
Q.ANT industrializes Sensors and Computing based on photonic quantum technology
Q.ANT industrializes Photonic Quantum Sensing and Computing revolutionizing the future of data generation and data processing, benefitting various industries from healthcare through spacetec to mobility and machinery. In Quantum Sensing Q.ANT is currently developing three sensors on different maturity levels: A particle sensor, a magnetic field sensor and an atomic gyroscope. Launched in 2022 to the market, the Q.ANT particle sensor was the worldwide first available industrialized quantum sensor. It enables the real-time analysis of size, velocity and position of particles in liquids and gases of sizes 2-700 micrometers. Additional shape detection will be featured in the next sensor generation. This innovative approach in particle sensing is currently tested across various industries from agglomerate detection for quality monitoring of chemical materials to bioreactor monitoring in industrial algae cultivation. The Q.ANT magnetic field sensor enables high-precision magnetic field measurement below 300 picotesla based on the NV (Nitrogen-Vacancies) approach. Its compact size and operation at room temperature open up new applications in industry and everyday life. A concrete application is the locally resolved measurement of muscle signals for prostheses control. This is the first time that a compact, fully integrated diamond-based quantum sensor is advancing into areas where the detection of muscle signals becomes realistic. Started in 2022, Q.ANT is leading the BMBF-funded QYRO project for the development of a quantum based atomic gyroscope for the alignment of mini-satellites. These CubeSats aim to set up a worldwide, infrastructure-independent access to the internet. With respect to Quantum Computing, Q.ANT is developing hardware and software based on photonic computation. In 2023, Q.ANT launched a live demo of its functional 4x4 mode photonic processor to the world for the first time. In cooperation with IMS CHIPS, the Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart, Q.ANT is building up a quantum chip fabrication in the German city of Stuttgart, for the industrialized production of photonic chips for photonic and quantum computing. Q.ANT’s quantum algorithms promise advancements in optimization and big data challenges. Photonics West Expo: Hall F, German Pavilion, Booth 4205-13