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CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH
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05 December 2023
Avalanche photo diode (APD) with optimized sensitivity for UV and blue light
Due to internal amplification of the APD a gain of factor > 100 for the output signal can be achieved. The sensor technology is optimized for a peak sensitivity at 400 nm wavelength and covers the range of 250 to 600 nm.
05 December 2023
Highly dynamic MEMS infrared (IR) emitters as light source in IR-based sensing systems
These thermally emitting devices cover the wavelength range from 2 to 15 µm. The optical output power per die is in the range of several 10 to some 100 mW with operating frequencies up to 100 Hz – depending on chip size and design. Arrays of such emitters allow even higher power and contain the high dynamic behaviour.
05 December 2023
Customer specific photo diode (arrays)
For UV, visible and near infrared we offer customised photodiodes and arrays. Our technology allows any geometry for chip edges and active areas. Vias, tilted local areas and different surface levels can be achieved within a single chip, allowing a high variability of customized solutions.