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15 November 2023
Qneo - Innovation in near infrared Spectroscopy
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has defined process analytical technology (PAT) as a mechanism to design, analyze and control manufacturing processes through measurements of critical process parameters which affect critical quality attributes. Taking a probe, going to a lab and waiting for results is costly. Using an NIR spectrometer as a PAT spectroscopic tool is a nondestructive way of online, in-line and real-time monitoring for various use cases during processing, manufacturing, and quality control of a final product. As industrial process control instruments and quality checks by handheld analytical devices continue to get smarter and smaller, customers can rely on Broadcom’s advanced technology and efficient optical setup for quantitative measurements in short wave NIR. Process analytical systems can easily be adapted with Broadcom’s Qneo NIR spectrometer to improve and scale up even more applications. The Qneo makes an ideal spectroscopic tool and fulfills the essential requirements for a reliable PAT without infield maintenance: • Cost • Maintenance • Sensitive measurements • Measuring speed • Inline and point of care detection Choice of optical setup and components leads to reliable performance. Especially when measuring low signals with high accuracy, the Qneo shows reliable measurements even compared to high-performance-cooled NIR spectrometers on the market. Qneo AFBR-S20N1N256 Specification: - Wavelengths: 950 – 1700 nm - Uncooled 256 pixel sensor - Highly sensitive & high spectral resolution: 8 nm - Low stray light - Operating temperature: -15 to + 55 °C - Size: 60 x 50 x 19 mm - Integrated electronics & system calibration - Serial interfaces: USB, SPI & UART - Free Software + SDK Get more information on Qneo: (AFBR-S20N1N256) In Broadcom’s compact spectrometer line, the instrumentation is designed to be smaller and more robust, making it easier to integrate into process analytics. The compact design enables spectroscopic analysis to be performed in situ, providing real-time monitoring of chemical reactions and processes. Versatile spectrometer for wide application fields: - Light detection, Laser and LED characterization - Energy, Oil, Gas, Air Quality and Recycling applications - Chemical analysis - Quality control and sorting in production lines - Counterfeit detection - Semiconductor endpoint detection, plasma monitoring - Color measurement - Biomedical, Medical and Life Science applications - Agricultural and Horticultural applications - Food and Feed Analytics - Process control and monitoring - LIBS Designed for reliable performance, our devices are proven, having successfully passed the following stress tests: High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) Temperature Cycle (TMCL) Temperature Humidity Storage (THS) Mechanical Shock & Vibration (MS + MV)
15 November 2023
small design - big performance: The perfect match for integrated deep UV spectroscopy
Broadcom's product line detects light from the very low ultraviolet wavelengths starting at 190 nm up to signals that appear in ranges up to 1700 nm in the near infrared region. Within an incredibly small design, the Qmini and the QtubeSpectrometers are the perfect UV VIS spectrometers for in-line or online analytics without infield maintenance. The two spectrometers’ families are optimized for premium performance in the lower UV range, some of the configurations cover the complete range from 190 – 1000 nm in a single device to cover a high number or applications. Qmini, matchbox size spectrometer with integrated electronics (USB,SPI & UART) for fast and easy integration: AFBR-S20M2DUV - Qmini deepUV: 185 – 375 nm, res. 0.5 nm (FWHM) AFBR-S20M2UV - Qmini UV: 220 – 400 nm, res. 0.5 nm (FWHM) AFBR-S20M2WU - Qmini wide UV: 220 – 1000 nm, res. 1.5 nm (FWHM) Learn more about the other Qmini configurations: QtubeSpectrometer Configurations, round housing with a grating blaze at 270 nm. AFBR-S20M2UV - Qmini DUV: 190 – 100 nm, res. 2.5 nm (FWHM) The integrated electronics takes care about all sensor timings & provides quick results via a UART interface. Get more information on QtubeSpectrometer: Both devices adapt directly to an optical setup and can be used with or without an optical fiber. Designed for reliable performance, our spectrometers are industrial proven, having successfully passed the following stress tests: High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) Temperature Cycle (TMCL) Temperature Humidity Storage (THS) Mechanical Shock & Vibration (MS + MV) Broadcom offers a wide range of robust, OEM Spectrometers with focus on industrial integration. Contact us to discuss your requirements via