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04 December 2023
IMS introduces new systems for optical inspection and functional probing of PICs
With the continuing upscaling of Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) production and integration, metrology equipment is needed that specifically addresses the needs of this industry. IMS launches two new systems: HELIOS and SIRIUS. HELIOS allows optical inspection of (photonic) wafers and dies on wafer for contaminations (such as particles) and various, customer defined defects (such as waveguide interrupts). We bring complex inspection and analysis of front-end production processes down from hours to minutes, while also improving the identification of ‘known-good-dies’. SIRIUS is the Optical-Electrical probing system that enables true functional testing of PICs, to establish the ‘known-good-dies’ before and after dicing/singulation. Simultaneous coupling of optical and electrical I/O means extremely well controlled dynamics of the measurement system. SIRIUS is designed such that optical and electrical coupling are made at high speed to ensure limited processing times of functional tests. Both HELIOS and SIRIUS are indispensable metrology equipment for cost-effective front-end production and back-end integration of PICs. The systems are designed to provide scalable and cost-effective solutions to improve your production yield. Come see us at Photonics West at booth 5204!