JINSP Co., Ltd.

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JINSP Co., Ltd.
1 Wangzhuang Road
Beijing, BJ
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16 November 2023
Advanced supplier of spectral analysis technology
JINSP Company Ltd. is a professional company with spectral detection technology as the core. Originating from Tsinghua University, and affiliating to CNNC now. After 15 years of technology accumulation, the company's core key technologies have reached the international leading position at the level, and the cumulative number of patent applications exceeded 200. At present, the company has dozens of spectral products with independent intellectual property rights, covering chemical and pharmaceutical, food and drug testing, public security customs, optical fibre spectrometer and other fields. The products cover the whole country and are exported to more than 30 countries overseas, with thousands of cumulative sales. With high-quality products and efficient and professional services, JINSP has won the praise of customers at home and abroad. As a leading supplier of spectroscopic technology, JINSP will always be guided by user needs, with the concept of adhering to independent innovation. Based on scientific management practices, we are committed to providing real value to industry users with spectroscopic technology.