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21 January 2024
DOWA released its 3rd generation Deep UV LED
DOWA has just released its 3rd generation Deep UV LEDs of 325nm and 340nm peak wavelengths. Our 3rd generation Deep UV LED is significantly improved in its efficiency. Our large bare die outputs 130mW at 325nm and 200mW at 340nm (typical Po IF 600mA). We will release 3rd generation 308nm and 310nm in June 2024. DOWA Deep UV LED bare dies are offered in 3 sizes, 1000μm×1000μm, 750μm×780μm, and 500μm×500μm. We also produce Deep UV LED hematic-sealed SMD of viewing full angle of 35, 65, and 120 degrees.
21 January 2024
DOWA introduce large SWIR LED with high radiant power output
DOWA has introduced 1080um x 1080um SWIR LED bare dies with highest radiant power in the industry. These powerful large LEDs output 450mW at 1060nm, 174mW at 1350nm, and 124mW at 1460nm (typical Po IF 1A). When packaged with resin encapsulation, the radiant power of DOWA large SWAR LED will increase by 30 - 60%. The standard SWIR wavelengths DOWA offers are 1040, 1060, 1100, 1140, 1200, 1300, 1350, 1460, 1550, 1640, 1720, and 1900nm. DOWA also offers 350um x 350um and 250um x 250um SWIR LED bare dies. DOWA will customize its SIWR LED electric and optical characteristics to meet each customer's unique needs.