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Integrated Optics
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21 January 2024
Tunable Wavelength Lasers at 780 nm, 785 nm and 830 nm
An expansion to the Matchbox laser series, famously know as the World's smallest lab laser platform, are multiple configurations of wavelength-tunable narrow spectrum lasers at 780 nm, 785 nm, 830 nm. Wavelength tunability is needed for multiple applications, such as atom or ion cooling, gas absorption spectroscopy, or difference Raman spectroscopy. The initial release of wavelength-tunable lasers includes high-power, Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) stabilized laser diodes with a spatially multimode beam. In the future we are planning to apply similar concepts for spatially single-mode laser diodes too, thus expanding the range.
21 January 2024
Higher power 405 nm SLM lasers
Built on the heritage of company's narrow spectrum 405 nm lasers, Integrated Optics released a 100 mW power single-longitudinal mode 405 nm lasers within the Matchbox series. Available in standard free-space or fiber-coupled configurations, these lasers are used in number of quantum applications, such as cryptography or sensing.