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22 November 2023
Lemon Photonics was awarded the "Top 10 Photonics Solutions Providers in APAC" by Semiconductor Review
About Semiconductor Review Semiconductor Review was founded in 2002, which is a unique business and technology magazine for mid to senior management working in enterprises in semiconductor ecosystems from the USA. Their mission is to provide a platform for semiconductor industry insides to share their experiences challenges and insights on leveraging technology to provide best of the breed solutions for designing, testing, integrating and manufacturing semiconductors, semiconductor devices and applications. LEMON Photonics was awarded the "Top 10 Photonics Solutions Providers in APAC" LEMON Photonics was awarded the "Top 10 Photonics Solutions Providers in APAC" by Semiconductor Review in 2023. In September 2023, Semiconductor Review conducted an in-depth interview with LEMON Photonics, and after the interview, the editor-in-chief of Semiconductor Review said that LEMON Photonics is an outstanding high-tech semiconductor laser supplier. The interview by Semiconductor Review magazine is as follows: LEMON Photonics’ offering Laser chips and solutions with high performance LEMON Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that vertically integrates semiconductor processing and manufacturing offering next-generation laser chips with high reliability, better performance, and low cost. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Simon Xiao, LEMON Photonics has distinguished itself for its unwavering focus on innovation in laser chips, optical design, and application modules. The firm specializes in the design and production of laser chips, with a focus on edge-emitting lasers (EEL), vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). and pioneering horizontal cavity surface-emitting Lasers (HCSELs). These lasers are used in various fields, like LiDAR, 3D sensing, gesture recognition, security, biometrics, machine vision, medical treatment, laser manufacturing, industrial laser pumping. smart cities, and optical communication. LEMON Photonics HCSEL chip can be used in LiDAR applications LEMON Photonics introduced a groundbreaking HCSEL chip, a remarkable innovation that delivers exceptional performance at an economical price point. This cutting-edge technology achieves nearly collimated light divergence in a single direction, setting a new standard in the industry. These chips can be used to improve the sharpness and uniformity of the light field in LiDAR applications, in which precision and reliability are crucial. “We use our robust optical design to augment our chip technology and excel beyond laser chip production,"” says Dr Xiao, founder and CEO of LEMON Photonics. The firm offers light projectors and light engines by seamlessly combining laser chips, optical design, and automated manufacturability. This vertical integration, characterized as a multi-level product in-line matrix, positions it as a one-stop shop for diverse laser application needs. LEMON Photonics' focused on 3D sensing and industrial applications. LEMON Photonics' ongoing endeavors are focused on two key markets--3Dsensing and industrial applications. The firm develops high-power multimode laser chips for industrial laser pumping. a segment that has significant potential. The firm also focuses on VCSEL chips for 3D sensing in mobiles, LiDAR and AR/VR devices. Its commercial laser module production line offers VCSEL and HCSEL projectors that cater to the burgeoning robot market. These modules enable robots to perform tasks such as navigation and mapping, enhancing their effectiveness and utility. Its industrial light engine production line defines direct diode laser (DDL) system for intelligent heating and surface treatment applications. One of LEMON Photonics' significant strengths is its ability to design solutions to meet the client's precise needs. For instance, a leading cleaning robot company required a broad horizontal view that was essential for obstacle avoidance sensors. The firm addressed this issue by developing laser projectors that create a market-leading field of view (FOV) within the system. This unique approach, along with in-house designed laser chips and optical lenses, resulted in a reversed energy distribution in the laser projector that broaden the detection range of the cleaning robot's receiver sensor. The founding team of LEMON Photonics brings a wealth of experience from top-tier international laser companies, shaping its technological trajectory while ensuring proficiency in core technology research and development (R&D) and management. In addition, the firm's presence in leading-edge technology and a cost-effective supply chain within China enable it to deliver high-quality products with an excellent quality-price ratio. Dr. Xiao is optimistic about the prospects of LEMON Photonics as the company pursues its goal of delivering state-of the-art solutions with adopting domestically produced semiconductor chips over their imported counter parts. This unwavering confidence propels the organization to pioneer advancements in laser technology and industry.