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17 November 2023
Alexandrite and Nd:YAG crystals and resonator optics in lasers are an integral part of the aesthetics and medical markets
Whether for hair removal, wrinkle and acne reduction, or the removal of surgical scars and pigmented lesions, all these procedures and more can be accomplished using Alexandrite and Nd:YAG medical lasers with optics optimized for crystal wavelengths. Although laser hair removal has become one of the most used aesthetic procedures in the world, this method is still evolving. Altechna has successfully supplied complex optical parts and solutions for 1064, 755, and 532nm wavelengths, and constantly improved the performance of the optics to higher energy levels. The complexity of the solution is related to the nature of these types of lasers. A combination of 1064 + 532nm with 755nm is needed to effectively remove hair for all skin types at the same time. A key performance indicator for this application of optics is their outstanding LIDT, supported by overall top-notch spectral properties. In the past year, Altechna has developed tri-band AR optics with an additional sub-surface preparation before the deposition of optical coatings. Using this technique, we were able to almost double the LIDT from >10J/cm2 @ 532nm, 6ns in 2021 to >18 J/cm2 @ 532nm, 6ns in 2022. We have also developed ultra-low absorption, high LIDT AR coatings for a single wavelength 1064nm (absorption <0.4ppm, LIDT >100 J/cm2) Nd:YAG laser line, which is a core component of such aesthetic systems. Further successful innovations by Altechna include developments for 755nm Alexandrite laser crystals at the GALACTIC H2020 Project. Special surface treatment methods, coating materials selection, and optimized coating design allowed impressive durability and high LIDT with good repeatability and improved end-system performance. As this wavelength is commonly used in aesthetics applications, these manufacturing procedures of resonator optics and crystals can also be applied to improve your device's lifetime and performance. Based on the success of Altechna’s GALACTIC project we were able to offer custom developments for this wavelength. Want to know more about Altechna’s developments and results? Visit our booth in SPIE BiOS Expo for more information!
11 December 2023
Alpine Research Optics (ARO) becomes part of Altechna
Altechna, a provider of laser optics and optomechanical assemblies from Vilnius, Lithuania has acquired Alpine Research Optics (ARO), situated in a hub of photonics research and technology – Boulder, Colorado. Both companies plan to triple their income in five years while maintaining ARO’s management. This union will strengthen the companies’ position in the global laser technology market while focusing on medical and semiconductor production. November 27, 2023. Altechna, a custom laser optics company, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, is expanding its global presence by acquiring Boulder-based ARO, a high-quality laser optics producer, specializing in UV applications. Maintaining the original management structure of ARO, both companies aim to multiply their income three times in laser technology over the next five years. In 2023, the combined revenues of the two companies are expected to reach more than €22 million. By obtaining a company with 35 skilled professionals, Altechna is enhancing its capacity to provide superior laser technology solutions. As a result of the expanded laser optics offering, Altechna will create new job vacancies for technologists and engineers in the long run. Since 1991, Alpine Research Optics has specialized in high-quality UV laser optics, gaining customer recognition for technical quality, and becoming one of the best precision optical manufacturing companies in the United States. Operating from a modern 35,000-square-foot facility, ARO excels in laser optic fabrication and coatings. Its product range includes windows, lenses, mirrors, polarizers, beam splitters, and filters catering to semiconductors, micromachining, medical instruments, defense, aerospace, and research industries.
10 January 2024
Our solutions for Lasers in Surgery
Using lasers in surgery allows a beam to be focused on a very limited area. Due to this, the surrounding tissues will not be damaged, which will ultimately lead to a faster recovery compared to other conventional methods. Superficial cutting and ablation are based on Ho:YAG laser-beam absorption by water, which is an essential part of human tissues, organs, and cells. Ho:YAG lasers, therefore, serve a variety of purposes and can be used in many medical applications, most frequently in urology ­– including incision of urethral and ureteral structures, and lithotripsy to break stones located in the urinary tract. To provide accurate and clean incision at high speed, leading to reduced operating times, indestructible optical components must be part of your laser system. In line with this, it seems we have what you’re looking for: high-repeatability optics and subassemblies, characterized by a high LIDT of >30 J/cm2 @ 2090 nm, 10 ns, and low absorption coatings.