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18 January 2024
SLM-310-G: 500W at 515 nm LCOS Spatial Light Modulator
Santec AOC has developed a new high power durable LCOS spatial light modulator (SLM) model SLM-310-G that can withstand input powers up to 500 W at 515 nm (green light). This product combines santec LCOS technology with a highly durable specialty liquid crystal and a proprietary water-cooling design to whisk heat from the panel for maximum performance. The SLM-310-G water-cooling LCOS-based SLM utilizes a 15.36 mm (v) x 9.6 mm (h) LCOS panel size with a pixel resolution of WUGA (1920 x 1200) 2.3 Mega-pixels. Superior phase resolution over conventional LCOS panels is realized in the SLM-310-G by implementing 10-bit (1024 gray level) phase control. Green lasers have significant advantages over near-infrared lasers for laser processing because of enhanced absorption of green light in numerous metals. High power Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs) are capable of enabling new complex processes in laser processing, such as software programmable dynamic beam shaping, beam direction correction, and multiple beam splitting and focusing using computer-generated holograms. These processes cannot be achieved using current laser processing methods such as the use of Galvo-scanners.