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Iradion Laser, Inc.
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29 November 2023
Iradion Laser will demonstrate Laser Engineering MD 30 Surgical Instrument at BiOS and Photonics West
Iradion Laser Inc in cooperation with Laser Engineering, a medical surgical instrument manufacturer, will demonstrate the "state of the art" Aurora MD30 surgical instrument. Iradion Laser Inc designed the custom Eternity E40 11.2 um CERAMICORE laser for Laser Engineering's new product release. The unique 11.2 wavelength optimizes the use of the unique flexible wave guide and narrow profile surgical nozzle by utilizing carbon dioxide assist gas. The assist gas prevents bodily fluids and materials from entering the nozzle during surgery ensuring precision operation. In addition, the special CO2 laser beam wavelength is not diffused or absorbed by carbon dioxide gas guaranteeing precise and consistent surgical results. Visit Iradion's BiOS Booth #8475 and Photonics West Booth #3475 and see why medical experts and doctors are so impressed with the Aurora D30. Watch a MD30 demonstration or test drive the instrument yourself!
29 November 2023
IRADION CORE LASER TECHNOLOGY Announces BiOS and Photonics West 2024 New Products Release
Iradion Laser Inc, Uxbridge, MA announces new changes at the company: 1) Re-branding and re-organization under Iradion Laser Sources, CORE LASER TECHNOLGY, 2) a major new product release of CERAMICORE, NANOCORE and FEMTOCORE lasers, and 3) participation in BiOS and Photonics West 2024. Since 2007, Iradion has continued to expand its products and services that are available to the global marketplace. The dramatic growth of Iradion's patented CERAMICORE CO2 laser usage in a wide range industries and applications represent numerous testimonials to the performance and longevity of the Eternity, Infinity and Destiny models. In addition, it speaks volumes regarding the White Glove type of service and support that Iradion's Rapid Response Service Program provides all its customers. During the supply chain issues of the past two years, Iradion stepped in and provided OEM equipment builders and integrators with very competitive pricing and prompt shipments that many competitor companies could not match. Also, Iradion has been working closely with medical equipment manufacturers regarding medical and dental applications by designing CO2 models with 11.2 um wavelengths. This wavelength allows for using CO2 assist gas that is FDA friendly, while preventing absorption of the laser beam and preventing the "wicking" of body fluids into the laser surgical tool nozzle. Visit the Iradion Booth and see the Aurora MD30 Surgical Instrument in action. Iradion has expanded its product lines to include DPSS lasers: FEMTOCORE AND NANOCORE lasers with CORE LASER TECHNOLOGY. In 2022, Iradion acquired InnoLas Photonics, a premiere manufacturer of femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond lasers that has engineered major technology improvements to the ultra short pulse laser marketplace. Advances include: wide range of power, pulse and wavelength options, unique application lab laser configurations to explore new application solutions, and easy onsite diode pack replacements that simplify service and maintenance. Finally, customized laser requests are welcomed to discover the optimal answers to your application challenges. Today, Iradion ultra short pulse lasers technologies are providing solutions to the medical, electronics, optical materials, and other advanced material applications. Iradion Laser Sources continues to investigate new acquisitions, and looks forward to the future expansion of its product lines and solutions. Visit Iradion BiOS Booth #8475 and/or Photonics West Booth #3475 to learn more about the fastest growing laser company in the industry. Robert Kloczkowski - Sales and Marketing Manager Iradion Laser Inc One Technology Drive Uxbridge, MA 01569
03 January 2024
Iradion Laser's CERAMICORE Infinity PLUS Advances CO2 Laser Performance: Pulsing, Power Stability and Reliability
Iradion Laser's patented CERAMICORE Infinity Series product line has demonstrated superior performance, reliability and longevity over conventional CO2 laser designs during the past ten years. Available in power levels of 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150-watt models that feature the same light weight and compact footprints, OEM Equipment Builders and Integrators have acknowledged the Infinity Series installation and operational ease when designing and integrating them in their machines and systems. This flexibility has enable them to offer a wider range of product lines as well as solutions for processing new applications. The Infinity PLUS expands all these benefits by achieving unmatched CO2 laser operating specifications: 1) offering CO2 laser wavelengths of 10.6, 10.2 and 9.3 microns, 2) improving Power Stability to under 3% while expanding the programmable power range from 2% to 100%, and reducing pulsing rise/fall times to under 40 microseconds, typically 20 to 30 microseconds. The Infinity PLUS utilizes a propriety process to improve laser gas excitation efficiency, lasing stability and response time. The industry acknowledges that the patented CERAMICORE design has already established its benefits over traditional glass and metal tube CO2 lasers; however, the Infinity PLUS new ceramic core design process elevates performance, reliability and longevity to new standards! The Infinity PLUS when integrated in equipment using new linear drives, control software, programming software or high speed galvo optics can achieve unprecedented processing speeds for applications such as cutting, perforating, drilling, marking, engraving, 3D SLS Sintering and many more. Systems with the Infinity PLUS have shown dramatic increases in part production as well as part quality when compared to conventional CO2 laser technology. Visit Iradion Laser's BiOS Booth #8475 or Photonics West Booth #3475 and learn how the Infinity PLUS lasers can provide you with a major competitive edge! Robert Kloczkowski - Sales and Marketing Manager Iradion Laser Inc One Technology Drive Uxbridge, MA 01569