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Mirrorcle Technologies, Inc.
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Richmond, CA
United States
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03 January 2024
World-leading MEMS mirror manufacturer gearing up for exciting Photonics West exhibition
Mirrorcle Technologies is preparing to continue to disrupt a variety of industries with its world-leading MEMS mirror technologies. The company is to exhibit at Photonics West in San Francisco, where it will have on display a variety of demos based on its patented core MEMS mirror technology, featuring an example of a development kit and also some applications and use cases designed around its gimbal-less dual-axis scanners. Existing and future customers and experts from the photonics and optics fields are cordially invited to swing by the booth - tell us about your application and we'll let you know which of our products may be suitable. Mirrorcle MEMS are broadly used in lidar systems, they benefit a number of biomedical imaging solutions including OCT and microscopy, and are deployed in many industries as reliable scanners in multiple products. As uniquely capable of dual-axis point-and-settle components that are both light-weight as well as low-power, these mirrors are exceptionally suitable for use in FSOC (free space optical communications) and other applications that require reliable and repeatable fine-tuned optical beam-steering. Come by our booth #4005 and we'll show you!
26 January 2024
EXCLUSIVE sneak peak of Mirrorcle Booth
Exciting developments: We're ready for the show. We have built our booth (quality assurance is a key part of our DNA) at our Richmond, California headquarters and have fine-tuned our demos for maximum impact. Everything is 'up and running' and we plan to transfer everything over to the Moscone Center over the weekend. We are also happy to report that yesterday, we already hosted some of our friends / customers who started our Photonic West week at our facility. While most of our meetings are scheduled for sometime during the show in San Francisco, some exceptional customers are also welcomed outside of the conference / exhibit with some even visiting our cleanroom and other manufacturing facilities. Our friends were granted an exclusive sneak peak of our booth with all its exciting demos and features - you should swing by to see us in San Francisco - starts on Tuesday, January 30th, 2024! Our booth is 4005 - you can't miss us! Please do come by to our booth at Photonics West! You won't regret it. We are eager to inform you about our latest products / demos / and to discuss how our technologies might enable your future products.
24 January 2024
Meeting schedule filling up for in-person discussions with Mirrorcle engineers
With the time ticking away until the start of Photonics West conference and exhibition, the Mirrorcle team is happy to announce that they will have additional staff at their booth to accommodate visitors, new potential clients and established customers alike. The schedule for in-person meeting with key engineering staff has almost been exhausted at this time, but there will be a delegation of knowledgeable sales and business development personnel on-hand to demonstrate the company's latest MEMS mirrors and systems based on related technologies. It has become a tradition that Mirrorcle surprises visitors with newest solutions and this year will be no exception. Make sure to swing by #4005 to see the electrostatically actuated MEMS-scanners in a variety of use cases. The Mirrorcle Team will be happy to welcome you at its booth.
29 January 2024
It's finally here - Photonics West week 2024!
Hey friends, customers, colleagues, students and supporters. It's finally here. We are writing this announcement on January 29th, 2024 and our excitement about Photonics West couldn't be bigger. Some of us already visited the venue over the weekend to attend BiOS - serving a community which is one of the main pillars of our customer base. Many companies leverage Mirrorcle's dual-axis MEMS mirrors in applications such as OCT and microscopy, but also in a number of additional biomedical applications and in projects ranging from classroom experiments to latest physics science endeavors tickling the boundaries of humankind's knowledge and exploration. Many of you are currently traveling - maybe your robotaxi's latest lidar system is powered by Mirrorcle devices. Is the WiFi on your plane maybe already powered by our mirrors as they are deployed in a satellite net of FSOC orbiting our planet? Maybe the plane you are using to travel to San Francisco was inspected / serviced by leveraging the compact design of our micromirrors? Have you seen some of the latest dynamic laser-based messaging solutions powered by our technologies on your way to the Moscone Center? Whether you're a professor or high school teacher, whether you're involved in space science and exploration, whether you're a student of optics / photonics or an inventor of laser-based breakthrough technologies - everyone benefits from the compact, low-powered optical beam-steering scanners that Mirrorcle manufactures. We cordially invite you to our booth - and as we will have different demos at the show on different days, feel free to swing by more than once to benefit from the full experience that our presence there has to offer. Booth No. 4005 - it's the only CAN'T MISS BOOTH of the show!
30 January 2024
Industry-disrupting MEMS mirrors at Photonics West's booth #4005
Welcome to SPIE's 2024 Photonics West exhibition! Did you know that many groundbreaking future technologies rely on highly repeatable optical beam steering - in most cases applications require finely adjustable illumination at precise locations within a scanner's field of regard. Some of the most obvious of such applications include lidar and biomedical imaging systems such as OCT and confocal microscopy. Less obvious (or known to the wider public) are such applications as free space optical communications (FSOC) which are to both enable faster communication to space travel vessels as well as enable areas to benefit from internet service which are currently underserved. Such systems have been demonstrated successfully in disaster areas and other emergency situations. All of these applications benefit from Mirrorcle Technologies' world-leading MEMS mirrors which allow for highly repeatable and reliable scans with virtually unlimited lifetime. Swing by the Mirrorcle booth to learn more!
31 January 2024
Exclusive PW24 discount available to in-person visitors of Mirrorcle Technologies' #4005 booth
Did you know that Mirrorcle offers exclusive discounts to everyone who takes the time to speak with us at our booth and shares their information with us? You will notice that our staff is taking notes on very 'old school' paper pads which are meant as a reminder of discussions on the show floor - it is often the first step of a successful business partnership allowing new customers to design ground-breaking technologies that leverage the compact, reliable and extremely repeatable MEMS mirrors that Mirrorcle Technologies offers. Discussions often include the required mirror size, angular reach, wavelength(s), AOI, etc. Many customers are suprised to learn that Mirrorcle Technologies is uniquely able to cater to users that require extremely fast raster scans, versatile vectorgraphics scanning along arbitrary waveforms, or point-to-point beam steering with an industry leading 'resolution' of at least 10,000 x 10,000 (tenthousand in both axes) discrete angles that are reliably adressable over time with no measurable hysteresis nor any known limit to device lifetime. Come swing by today to secure your Photonics West exclusive visitor discount! Enjoy seeing our devices in action - you can actually also interact with a mirror and 'tell it what to do' in one of our cool demos. We're looking forward to seeing you at #4005. It's not to late to get your discount!
01 February 2024
Last chance to secure Mirrorcle MEMS mirrors exclusive PW24 discount today!
After two extremely successful days at Photonics West 2024, the Mirrorcle team reminds attendees and visitors that today is the last chance to secure the special discount exclusively offered to in-person visitors of booth #4005. During the past two days, about 150 individuals / companies have already talked to the Mirrorcle team about future orders and learned about how the company's world-leading dual-axis MEMS mirrors can enable a variety of products serving many different industries. The unique capability of versatile optical beam steering that allows users to direct beams at 10000 x 10000 discrete positions within the full field of regard, while having full control over beam trajectories from point-to-point movement where the beam settles for user-controllable time at specific 'pixels', and with the same device having the capability to address high-speed arbitrary paths to reliable raster scans or Lissajous patterns, all this sets Mirrorcle's products apart from similar technologies. Booth visitors have an opportunity to steer a MEMS mirror at the tip of their fingers via fun table interface. Other displays include our development kit, dual-axis large-angle raster and Lissajous pattern projection with our scan modules, a single-axis resonator and examples of driving hardware and non-standard packages for specialty applications. Visitors of the Mirrorcle booth are encouraged to ask staff about any special challenges or requirements - we are known to tell you frankly if any of your needs cannot be addressed by our technologies. In most cases, however, we can recommend some of our extensive devices designs tailored to the needs of industry disrupting innovations. We would like to to take this opportunity to thank the tireless leadership and staff of SPIE for again organizing this world-leading exhibition. The 2024 Photonics West conference and exhibition again fulfills the promise of being by far one of the most important events of the industry and has, for Mirrorcle Technlogies and many others, overdelivered on the promise of connecting inspiring minds, providing a platform of latest technologies and enabling the merger of fruitful business relationship of tomorrow's products. Thank you, dear SPIE, for all your work. We will be back next year!